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more on the worst ever novel….


This novel is so rubbish it’s impossible to read through in its entirety, so we’ve jacked up an episodic arrangement. Each episode is probably about as much as the average reader could take – at the end of each episode click on the link for the next, if you can take it, until you’ve had them all.



( ‘Los lechones mueren solamente dos veces’ )

Translated from the best selling novel by globally celebrated multi-prize-winning Latin American author,     MANUEL ‘TONTO’  del GUANO

*For simplicity the translator has used ‘Scotland Yard’ for ‘Jefaturas Policia Municipal’

Only by immersing ourselves in the absurd might we then glimpse something different in the distance….DWJ        

                      ***world’s very first***

   book with integral sponsorship, utterly unique

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