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You probably heard of loads of early Bluesmen, Son House, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Leadbelly, Muddy Waters and so on, pretty much the foundation builders of most modern music, if not the foundation then a massive influence; a dying breed, most of whom have now alas moved on.
Whenever I seek insight into those lost days I still have a contact who was there, my old buddy and mentor, (now fairly elderly) Blues giant, Deaf Watermelon Jackson, amongst other things famous for his pithy sayings/quotations (which will be appearing frequently in this blog). Being stone deaf of course did little to assist in his finding any accompaniment, so forming the band was a bit of a struggle.

As you might imagine, less than flattering remarks often followed their infrequent performances due mainly to the fact that they couldn’t hear each other, but hey, Deaf Watermelon didn’t care, he couldn’t hear anything.

Today’s quote:  “Only by plunging into the absurd might we then surface to skim across the meniscus of truth….” DWJ

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