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tour – holland & belgium

Hey – just back from a tour of Belgium and the Netherlands – brill – blew me away. I know the general idea is supposed to be for me to blow the audience away not ‘round the other way, but this was something of a revelation.

Strange in a way, being an old guy this was a way better reception from the generation ’Z’ set than I could reasonably have hoped for. Did you ever come across those devices than sound an ultra-high piercing tone which is supposed to be inaudible to older people but irritatingly audible to the young, installed apparently to break up ‘anti-social’ gatherings?

Set me thinking. There is an individual aspect to the way everyone plays, something to do with timing, but following recent experiences I begin to think perhaps this might be more apparent to younger audiences, amazing!

It could be just that younger audiences can appreciate something a little different to what they’re used to that still somehow touches the soul, despite not having experienced the big Blues explosion decades ago. Maybe it’s a hard-wired kind of inherited memory you didn’t know you had, a somehow once lost but re-discovered echo, or maybe it’s just that even in time terms, distance still lends enchantment.


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