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Fans – RTL Nederland (TV)

When I say ‘Fans’ I don’t mean fans of mine particularly. Biggest venue I played in The Netherlands was this vast hall, big, long and wide enough to make the ceiling feel low, which I don’t think it was. Strange layout really, tables and chairs in certain areas and several performance stages. With sound checks and all the preparatory stuff out of the way the idea was for the various acts to be ready to go so the cameras could simply cut from one view to the next and (I guess) transmit ‘live’. I was on after a six piece away to my right. This was a while ago, I had a different act to now. Then I carried with me, along with a pair of 300 watt speakers and an eight track mixing desk, a recorded, self-made backing tape over which I would add lead guitar and vocals.

These days I’ve shed a lot of extra gear and now work with just an acoustic guitar (amplified) and a vocal. Without the kind of earnings that would allow for touring with a roadie, the gear was becoming a bit too much to lug about night after night, I was spending almost as much time setting up and then taking down again after the performance as I was spending performing – something had to go. Swapping the old act for the new was a bit of a risk – my agent in Nederland had spent time and money plugging the previous act, but great guy that he is, didn’t voice any objection to the change.

The two pretty ladies in the image were big fans of the genre not (as far as I know) of the individual acts, and whilst their picture appears elsewhere in the blog, the RTL studio was where it was taken – I suspect part of the attraction that got them there in the first place.

The gig was a sub-contract arrangement, my agent had fixed it up with another, no problemo, good gig!


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