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“Accomplished – inspiring…” Mark Halpem (Bosworth & Co)
“Great vocal – absolutely gorgeous…” Ferdinand van Meurs (Artbeats, Netherlands)
“Virtuoso guitar…” Karl Tosner (Disco Heat Records)
“Great guitar playing…” Martin Kiss (HardTimes Productions)
“Impressive…” Sandra Martin (Radioman International)
“Loved it, why haven’t we heard of this guy…?” Dan Sverdlin (Milestone Media, California)
“Within the genre, as good as I’ve heard…” Johnny L Coleman II (Galaxy, New York City)


‘What’s On’ – “local hero…” – interview and feature
‘Out and About’ – “A storming gig last night, catch him…”
‘Metro’ – “Delightful”…”very talented…”
‘On the Move’ – “a talented, succesful musician…”
‘London on the Move’ – “really hits the right note…”
Local press – “brilliant”…”authentic Blues sound”
Frances Quesnel (publisher) – “Brilliant – I love that Bluesy vocal quality”


What the fans say!

We are fans of your music – you are one of the best blues singers in the world today. Franz and Cathy Morris, Wild Horse Music, South Africa

This dude has the touch. For sure a guitarist’s guitarist. Jud Stone, Eagle Rock Music, Los Angeles

Love the blues and love John Alberts blues. Al Campanie, Louisville, Kentucky